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Department Research


The campus has adopted four strategic research thrusts which include

  • Underground Science and Engineering
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Energy & Environment
  • STEM Education

While the faculty research interests can and does include all four of these research thrusts areas, thus far department research initiatives have focused primarily on the STEM Education thrust.  However, the faculty has strong research credentials and interests in engineering management, manufacturing processes, facilities design, safety, industrial hygiene, statistical processes and quality control, logistics, and engineering management.  Over the past two years, the industrial engineering faculty members have produced over xx journal articles, yy technical presentations, and have served as PI, CoPI, or Senior Personnel on nearly $4 million in competitive funding.  Samples of recent activity follow.  More detailed research information is available on the faculty web pages ( ). 



CAREER: Colleges of Engineering as Learning Organizations: Implications for Student Intellectual Development submitted to the NSF, PI:  Jennifer Karlin, Funded Amount: $531,739

S-STEM: Tiospaye In Engineering submitted to the NSF, PI: Carter Kerk, Co-PIs: Scott Kenner, Jon Kellar, Jennifer Karlin, Stuart Kellogg, Funded amount: $600,000

S-STEM: Tiospaye In Science submitted to the NSF (as Co-PI), PI: Carter Kerk, Co-PIs: ,Karen Brahman, Bob Corey, Stuart Kellogg, Justin Meyer, Funded amount: $600,000

ADVANCE-IT: South Dakota WISE Faculty: A Future of Excellence submitted to the NSF (as Co-PI), PI: Andrea Surovek, Co-PI: Sid Goss, Funded amount: $194,407

S-STEM: Culture and Attitude – Innovative Partnerships for Success submitted to the NSF, PI: Jon Kellar, Co-PIs Stuart Kellogg, Dana Medlin, Jennifer Karlin, Funded amount: $599,794

NASA: Increase Minority Participation in Higher Education in STEM Disciplines Responsive to NASA Needs - A Multi-Institutional Effort, National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program - Consortium Development Competition, NASA, PI: E. Duke, CoPI: P.V. Sundareshwar, M.B. Price, D. Kliche, N. Uzunlar, U. Korde, C. Kerk, Funded amount $177,000.

Native Engineer/Scientist Scholarship, South Dakota Space Grant, PI: C. Kerk, B. Carter, Funded Amount, $7,000.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation STEPS, PI: Dean Jensen, Funded amount, $40 000.  

NSF IGERT: Nanostructured Solar Cells:  Materials, Processes and Devices, PI:  Jon Kellar, Evaluator: Stuart Kellogg, Funded amount, >$1 million.

NSF REU:  Back to the Future, PI:  Michael West, Evaluator:  Stuart Kellogg, Funded amount, $350,000.



Karlin, J., “Sub-Cultures as Leverage for Organizational Learning and Lean Thinking”, International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise, Vol 1, No 2: 147-159

Jensen, D. and Kellogg, S.  Improving Conceptual Understanding in Probability and Statistics, American Society of Engineering Education Conference, June 2010

Kellogg, S., "Why do the Come, Why do They Not Return, Proceedings of the ASEE Zone IV Conference, Reno NV, March, 2010. 

Kellogg, S., "Developing Online Materials to Facilitate a Classroom Inversion Approach," Proceedings of the Frontiers in Education Conference, Oct. 2009. 

Karlin, J., and Kellogg, S., "Metrics and the Holistic Learner" Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES), Palm Cove, Australia, 2009.

Karlin, J., and Surovek, A., "When Critical Mass is Not an Option," Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES), Palm Cove, Australia, 2009.

Karlin, J., and Surovek, A., Come on Down:  Multiple Pedagogical Options Using Game Show Formats," Proceedings of the Frontiers in Education Conference, Oct. 2009.


Karlin, J., “Learning Pockets” at the Engineering Education and Centers Division Grantees Meeting, Reston, VA, February 2009.           

Layton, R., and Kellogg, J., "Assessing Outcomes in Teaming:  Preliminary Findings and Recommendations Based on Use of the CATME System", RosEvaluation Conference, April 2010.       

Kerk, C., Galante, J., and Karlin, J., "Productivity Gains:  Integrating Ergonomics and Lean,"  Workshop at the Applied Ergonomics Conference, March 2009. 

Karlin, J., "Thoughts from the Frontiers of Engineering Education," SDSMT Education and Assessment Research Symposium, December 2009. 

Akladios M, J Davis, CJ Kerk, “Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering”, The Safety Professionals Handbook Webinar Series, American Society of Safety Engineers, February 18, 2009. 


More detailed research information is available on the faculty web pages ( ). 

Industrial Engineering Department, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, SD  57701
The bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering and engineering management is accredited for industrial engineering by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD  21202-4012 - telephone (410) 347-7700.