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Engineering Management & Leadership

Value Added Engineering

Industry wants to hire engineers who are not only competent in their discipline, but also have a beginning understanding of engineering management and leadership.  As defined by the American Society for Engineering Management, this discipline is “the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities which have a technological component”.  This certificate is an opportunity for engineering students to graduate ready to meet the challenges unique to leadership in the engineering environment.


Certificate Requirements

 IENG 302 Engineering Economy (or MEM 302)                    3

IENG 366 Engineering Management                                        3

Elective Courses (6 credits required)

   IENG 215 Cost Estimating I                                                 1

   IENG 216 Cost Estimating II                                                1

   IENG 217 Cost Estimating III                                               1

   IENG 352-357 Entrepreneurial Sequence                             1 each

   IENG 455 Project Management                                           3

   IENG 451 Operations Strategies                                          3

   IENG 455 Project Management                                           3

   PSYC 331 Organizational Psychology                                  3

   PSYC 399 Teams and Teaming                                           1

   BADM 407 International Business                                       3

   HRM 417 Human Resource Management                            3

   MEM 466 Mine Management                                              3

  Senior Design with Approved EM Component                      3


*At least 3 credits beyond what is required for the major.



Industrial Engineering Department, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, SD  57701